Tiger Fishing

Shackletons Tiger Fishing Lodge is situated in Zambia on the mighty upper Zambezi River near the village of Mwandi (the Lozi word meaning ‘a place of plenty fish’).

Shackletons Tiger Fishing Lodge is the ideal venue for fly fishing, spin and lure anglers of all levels to fish in a pristine habitat for Africa’s most spectacular and sought-after game fish, the fierce tigerfish. Shackletons Lodge is home to record and trophy tigerfish, bream and catfish.

Tigerfish, the so-called ‘striped water dog’, are one of strongest kilogram-for-kilogram fighters. Tigerfish attack from the side at speeds of up to 50 kph, then turn their bait around and swallow it headfirst. The tigerfish’s ability to bite through a lure with their razor-sharp teeth makes them an extremely exciting fish to catch.

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Shackletons Lodge also offers a wide variety of trophy-sized bream and tilapia species, including: Nembwe, Thinface and Humpback Largemouth Bream; Redbreast, Threespot and Greenhead Tilapia; and Pink and Green Bream.

If you enjoy a deep and strong fight, then you can target one of the Catfish species like the Sharptooth that weighs up to 20kg.

Shackletons Tiger Fishing Lodge runs fishing boats, ideal for fly fishing, ranging in size from 14’ to 26’. We fish two anglers per boat. Highly experienced river guides accompany you on your daily outings to hunt voracious tigerfish on the magnificent Zambezi River.

Shackletons Lodge offers different kinds of fishing methods (depending on guests’ requirements, fishing conditions, and the time of the year): fly fishing, spinning, trolling and drift baiting.

Shackletons provides guests with fishing tackle (except fly fishing tackle) suitable for catching the fearless tigerfish on the mighty Zambezi River. Guests are welcome to bring their own fishing tackle.

We promote a catch-and-release policy to preserve the precious fish resources of the pristine upper Zambezi River. Shackletons does allow fish to be removed from the water to be weighed and photographed, provided the fish are handled carefully.

Any time from March to December is a good time to catch tigerfish at Shackletons Tiger Fishing Lodge. The upper Zambezi River conditions around Shackletons change constantly throughout the year. The river rises for 6 months of the year (December – May) to form the Eastern Caprivi Floodplain (also known as the Southern Barotse Floodplain). It then recedes for the other 6 months of the year (June – November). The tigerfish adapt their feeding habits according to ever-changing river levels, water clarity, water temperature, and food sources. Likewise, we change our preferred tiger fishing methods (trolling, drift baiting, spinning and fly fishing) throughout the year.

A typical fishing day at Shackletons:

  • Meet in the central lodge area just before daybreak, around 05h30 – 06h00 (depending on the time of the year) for continental breakfast (cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurt, coffee/tea and rusks/biscuits).
  • Depart for the fishing waters at daybreak (Note: You may not depart before daybreak because of the danger of hippos).
  • Return to the lodge at around 11h00 for brunch.
  • Relax at the swimming pool, central area or in your chalet for a few hours.
  • Depart for the fishing waters at around 14h00 or earlier if you wish.
  • Return to the lodge at sunset (Note: You may not return to the lodge after dark because of the danger of hippos).
  • Freshen up and enjoy a few drinks before dinner at 19h30.

Note: The fishing waters are under 10 minutes away by boat from the lodge.

Alternatively, you can go fishing whenever you want – just arrange this with your river guide. You can leave whenever you want (as long as it is not before daybreak) and return whenever you want (as long as it is not after sunset). For example, you can go fishing for the whole day if you wish OR you can go out early in the morning, return for brunch at around 11h00 and go straight out again until sunset, etc.

‘Tiger Country’ is a small part of the upper Zambezi River that stretches 100km from Katima Mulilo to Impalila Island. Shackletons is located half-way between these two points, right in the heart of ‘Tiger Country’.
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The upper Zambezi River conditions around Shackletons Tiger Fishing Lodge change constantly. The river rises for 6 months of the year to form the flood plains and recedes for the other 6 months of the year.
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Tiger fishing tackle (line, reel, rod, trace and lures) differs according to the fishing method used. The tackle needs to be the best available in order to catch and boat the fearless tigerfish.
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